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Are you looking for a podcast that will take you on a thrilling ride through the diverse landscape of Israel? Look no further than the Two Nice Jewish Boys Podcast, where we bring you weekly free-flowing conversations with fascinating people from every corner of Israeli society.

Our impressive guest list includes Nobel Prize winner Prof. Robert Aumann, world-renowned strategists like Dr. Dan Schueftan, journalists, politicians, and captivating individuals from all walks of life.

From politics and history to entertainment and science, 2NJB is a platform for open and honest dialogue. We firmly believe in the power of free speech and open conversation to expose the world to Israeli society its amazing people.

And here’s a fun fact: we’re the longest-running English podcast in Israel, having started in 2016. So, what are you waiting for? Join the conversation and gain a deeper understanding of Israel and its people.

Eytan Weinstein is an interactive scriptwriter. He grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and pronounces the word “drawer” funny.

Naor Meninger is an independent filmmaker. He’s obsessed with Italy and runs the Israeli parmesan black-market.

(Cover photo: Harry Erlich)

(‘About’ photo: Gefen Reznik)