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Tag: gaza war

Episode 354 – Weekly Recap: Iran’s President Dead, IDF Soldier Threatens Mutiny and Terrorist Semen Smuggling

We’re BACK with yet another Israel weekly recap. There’s so much stuff to talk about! In this jam-packed episode, Eytan and Naor dive into: -The…

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Episode 353 – Weekly Recap: The Future of Gaza, Another Dumb Rogan Moment and a Eurovision from Hell

Your favorite 2NJB’s are back with another recap! What we talked about: Galant’s ambush on Bibi, the IDF’s unclear objectives in Gaza, Israel’s missed opportunities,…

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Episode 342 – Boiling Point: What Happens Next in the Israel-Hamas Conflict? (Caroline Glick)

Three months ago to the day Israel suffered one of its darkest days, if not the darkest day, in its 75 year history. We’ve all…

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