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Episode 97 – Genius by Design‏

Humans yearn for beauty from the moment they are born. And though nature has the ability to supply us with pretty impressive amounts of it, we decide, time and time again, to prove that we can do better, and bigger.

It’s hard to know when it was that people started designing things but one thing’s for sure: today, design is deeply intertwined with each and every aspect of our lives. From the mug of coffee you’re just about to sip from, to the handle on your bathroom door, and even the app which you’re using right now to listen to this podcast. Everything today MUST be designed.

Enter Ron Arad, an Israeli born designer and architect based in London. Ron is not only one of the most successful Israeli designers – he’s one of the most renowned designers in the world. His works are sold worldwide, in stores and luxurious auction halls alike. His products were showcased in London’s Design Museum, the Barbican Art Gallery, Pompidou Center, and New York’s Museum of Art. As an architect, Ron’s buildings include the currently-under-construction ToHA office complex in Tel Aviv, which will be Israel’s tallest building, and the future UK Holocaust Memorial.

From his London studio and offices, we’re extremely honored to talk to Ron Arad.

Ron’s FacebookInstagram, and official website

Ron’s Upcoming exhibition: New YorkLos Angeles (On September 18)

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The Rover Chair
Ron Arad’s ringed-hand-etching-mechanism


Another look at the mechanism. The diamond ring is used to etch on the glass.
Ai Weiwei’s work