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Episode 51 – Two Nice Jewish Boys, One Year Special

Exactly one year ago today episode one of 2NJB was released.
Eytan and Naor reflect on favorite past episodes, tell nice stories from behind the scenes and discuss future endeavors.

We also played bits from the following episodes:
Episode 21 – 2001: A Lebanese Odyssey with Jonathan Elkhoury

Episode 32 – Forever Pure: Between Sports and Racism in Jerusalem’s Soccer Team with Maya Zinshtein

Episode 13 – Giuseppe Giordano of “Da Peppe” – Tel Aviv’s Godfather of Pizza

Episode 20 – Putting Holocaust Denial on Trial with Prof. Deborah Lipstadt

Episode 19 – Noble Prize Laureate Prof. Robert J. Aumann Talks Game Theory

Episode 22 – Uri Geller: Spoon Bender and Spy

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 Photo by Inbar Meningher