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Episode 50 – Bolsheviks, Antisemites and Toothless Grits-Slurping Welders

“The interesting thing is that Jews in the States, […] in Canada and in Europe, are the ethnic group that is most prone to hate crimes and racially motivated attacks… They are by far the most persecuted against ethnic group in the west. […] Far more than the black community, far more than Muslims.”

Beside for being the production designer for the 2009 MTV show Dj & the Fro, Roy Iddan writes a political column for NRG, one of Israel’s leading news outlets. He’s written for Israeli film and television as well, and interestingly enough for several political campaigns including that of the Likud party in 2015.

Roy Iddan supports a return to classical liberal economics. But what does right-wing mean to him? Naor and I racked our brains thinking of who could best answer that question. You guessed it. With us here today is Roy Iddan to talk about the right wing in Israel.