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Episode 45 – IsraAID: Providing Disaster Relief Around the Globe Part I‏I

“You have this city, it’s called Tacloban, it had about 250 thousand people. And a small wave hit it. Small, i say because the Japan tsunami […] was about 130 feet high but here we’re talking about a small wave, about 15 feet, came in and the first thing it did is kill about 5,000 people in the city and leave their bodies throughout. But people don’t think about the aftermath. The aftermath is where you get a multiplying effect […] the ripples. […] Then to make it better, the cherry on the cake is that you have three maximum security prisons there. When the water starts to rise the guards have to make a decision: open the gates or let them drown.”
 Last week we uploaded an episode with the inspiring and diligent Ophelie Namiech in which she told us about her work with IsraAID and the 5 years she spent in the freshly independent country of South Sudan from 2011 to 2016. This week we’re talking to Voni Glick, Co-CEO of IsraAID, to hear more about the organization as a whole, about its history and about his involvement.
Voni was born in Israel but quickly became a classical nomadic Jew, moving to France with his family when he was only two, winding up in Canada and finally returning to the Jewish State in 2011.