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Episode 354 – Weekly Recap: Iran’s President Dead, IDF Soldier Threatens Mutiny and Terrorist Semen Smuggling

We’re BACK with yet another Israel weekly recap. There’s so much stuff to talk about!
In this jam-packed episode, Eytan and Naor dive into:

-The mysterious helicopter crash that took out Iran’s President Raisi and foreign minister
-Updates from the IDF’s ongoing operations in Gaza as the war approaches the 8-month mark
-The ICC’s latest politically-motivated charges against Israeli leaders
-A viral video from an IDF reservist that sparked intense debate
-Senator Ted Cruz absolutely eviscerating a judge over a mind-boggling prison sentencing decision
… and of course, plenty of classic Two Nice Jewish Boys banter and hot takes along the way!

Strap in, grab a stiff drink, and get ready for a no-holds-barred take on this week’s most explosive stories – listener discretion advised!