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Episode 349 – The Muslim US Army Vet Fighting Antisemitism (Dan Khan)

About 2 months after October 7th and the outbreak of the Israel-Gaza War, a poll was conducted in the United States. Many of you may remember this because the results were pretty shocking. While most Americans support Israel and view Hamas and its actions as genocidal terrorists, young Americans 18-24 don’t quite agree. At least, they’re not so straight forward about it. 51% responded that Israel should be “ended and given to Hamas and the Palestinians”. 60% believed that Hamas’ massacre was justified due to Palestinian grievances. What’s more shocking is that 66% of American 18-24 year-olds thought Hamas’ actions on Oct 7th were genocidal. Which, if you think about it, means that a big chunk think genocide against the Jews is legitimate. I guess not surprising after we saw the questioning of Ivy league presidents by congress.

The reality of antisemitism goes beyond people’s hearts and minds, unfortunately. Over the course of the last 6 months since Oct 7, there has been a sharp rise in anti semitic incidents with the ADL reporting a 360% spike back in January. And 90% of US Jews feel this uptick, according to a study done by Pew Research Center.

Now, American Jewish organizations are combating this phenomenon. And that’s to be expected. What’s less expected is an American Muslim organization fighting the rise in antisemitism.

Joining us today is Dan Khan, a U.S. Army veteran and Deputy Director of the Muslim American Leadership Alliance (MALA). MALA is dedicated to empowering individual freedoms, fostering interfaith connections, and combating hate in all its forms. Today, Dan will shed light on MALA’s support for the Jewish community, as well as his recent insights shared at the Combat Antisemitism Movement panel, where he outlined proactive steps the Muslim community can take to combat antisemitism.

We’re honored to have Dan with us, as we explore the American Muslim community’s role in building a future where understanding triumphs over division. Join us as we delve into the possibilities for hope and solidarity in these challenging times.