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Episode 343 – The Syrian Hospital Manager Who Risked His Life Helping Victims of Assad (Shadi Martini)

Imagine this: It’s 2011, and you’re managing a hospital in Aleppo, Syria. Life is ordinary until a thunderous storm of civil unrest erupts into the Syrian Civil War. Chaos reigns as the conflict intensifies, and the Assad regime’s iron fist descends upon anyone suspected of opposition. Amidst this turmoil, Shadi Martini, the General Manager of that very hospital, becomes a beacon of hope. He and his comrades work tirelessly, covertly providing aid to wounded and ill civilians as they navigate the treacherous landscape of a city under siege.

In the heart of the Syrian war’s darkest days, Shadi Martini’s initiatives shine with unwavering resolve. His dedication to helping those in need knows no bounds. But as the conflict rages on, danger lurks ever closer. In 2012, a deadly twist of fate shatters their clandestine network. Discovery by the regime forces Shadi into an impossible decision: stay and risk certain death or flee the war-torn country that was once his home.

Today, Shadi Martini is not just a survivor; he’s a symbol of resilience and compassion. As the Chief Executive Officer of Multifaith Alliance, he tirelessly advocates for humanitarian aid and bridges cultural divides. His mission transcends borders, encompassing Syria, Humanitarian Aid, and Israel, topics deeply intertwined with his extraordinary journey. We’re thrilled and honored to have Shadi Martini on the show with us today to discuss his life, Syria, humanitarian aid, Israel and much much more.

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