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Episode 342 – Boiling Point: What Happens Next in the Israel-Hamas Conflict? (Caroline Glick)

Three months ago to the day Israel suffered one of its darkest days, if not the darkest day, in its 75 year history. We’ve all been overwhelmed by the scenes of October 7th. Whether depicted visually or verbally, they cut deep. But in the time since, events have unfolded – and the proverbial excrement is hitting the fan.

As the war drags on in Gaza, inch by inch, what seemed to be unanimous international support for Israel (for about 3.5 seconds on Oct 7th) has quickly shifted. America is attempting to force Israel’s hands both in the strikes against Hamas in Gaza and in the provision of humanitarian aid. And then, just last week Israel allegedly took out one of the heads of Hamas – Saleh Al-Arouri in Lebanon, in a surgical strike. The extreme precision of the assassination was assumed to be a wink and nod at Hezbollah signaling, “feel free to stay out of this one”. Hezbollah apparently wasn’t keen on letting it be and on Saturday they upped their usual rocket barrage towards Israel, and supposedly managed to hit an extremely strategic facility on Mount Meron in Northern Israel.

The water is beginning to bubble. The only question is what happens when the pot’s boiled?

To help us dissect these complex issues, we’re joined today by Caroline Glick. Caroline is not just any journalist; her resume speaks volumes. A former advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a veteran of the IDF, Caroline brings a unique blend of military and political insight. Her work as a senior columnist for publications like Israel Hayom and The Jerusalem Post, along with her on-the-ground reporting during Operation Iraqi Freedom, has established her as a formidable voice in Middle Eastern affairs. She also has her own, brilliant podcast titled, The Caroline Glick Show – check it out. We are thrilled to be joined by Caroline Glick on the podcast today to talk about the war, Israel-America relations and where it’s all headed.