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Episode 338 – Live @ Soho House: The Zionist Muslim Who Fought in the IDF and Battles BDS (Yahya Mahamid)

Special live episode with audience recorded at Soho House Jaffa and produced by the amazing TLV International Salon!
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Picture this: Yahya Mahamid, an Israeli-born Muslim from the city of Umm el-Fahm, posts a simple photograph to Facebook. On the surface, it seems like just another post, but this singular act reverberates through his life, shaking his world to its very core.
The backdrop? A grim headline about three Jewish teenagers who’ve gone missing in the West Bank. For Yahya, this wasn’t just news; it was a deeply personal event, with one of the teenagers being his same age. But as the notifications began pouring in, the weight of that one post, that one choice, became evident. His world was turned upside down, his life redefined by a single click.

So, what does life look like when your entire narrative is shifted by a fleeting online moment? Join us as we journey through Yahya’s captivating

Yahya Mahamid is a trailblazing Israeli educator, activist, and mentor, fervently dedicated to the empowerment and integration of Israel’s Arab youth. A rare Israeli-Muslim who stepped forward to volunteer in the IDF, he’s now diligently working towards his B.A. in Education at Ono Academic College. As a formidable advocate against anti-Semitism and misinformation, Yahya ceaselessly champions dialogue and understanding.

We’re thrilled to welcome him to the Two Nice Jewish Boys Podcast for this very special live episode at Soho House TLV.