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Episode 336 – Prominent Right-Wing Journalist On Losing Family to Terror, Biased Media and Illegal Immigrant Riots (Lital Shemesh)

Two weeks ago, yet another Palestinian horrific terror attack took place in the Palestinian village of Hawara, just next to Jerusalem. The terror attack claimed the lives of two innocent Jews – Shay Silas Nigrekar and his son Aviad. Shay, a loving husband and father, embarked with his son Aviad on what seemed like a routine day, never suspecting the grim fate that awaited him.

As they pulled into the car wash that day, they were brutally shot and murdered by a Palestinian terrorist.

Today, we are joined by Lital Shemesh. Lital was meant to be on the podcast two weeks ago but had to postpone due to the tragic loss of her relatives, Shay and Aviad, in the Hawara attack.

Lital is not only an accomplished journalist and TV presenter but also a prominent right-wing news personality. She has a wealth of insight to share, ranging from her experience at Channel 14 – Israel’s only conservative TV channel – to her perspectives on the proposed reforms in the communications market by Communications Minister Shlomo Karai. Together, we’ll explore the aftermath of the horrific attack in Hawara and dive into the broader landscape of Israel’s ever-evolving social and political dynamics. We’re honored to have Lital Shemesh with us today on the Two Nice Jewish Boys podcast.