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Episode 335 – Talking to an Anti-Reform, Pro-Protests Right-Winger (Senia Waldberg)

It all started when a social media influencer, Senia Waldberg, shared a post that sent shockwaves through Israeli social media. Known for his capitalistic and libertarian perspective on politics, Senia took an unexpected turn by critiquing Netanyahu’s right-wing government and its controversial judicial reform proposal. What made this critique even more intriguing was that it originated from the right side of the spectrum, rather than the expected left. Today, we’re diving deep into Senia’s thought-provoking post and the unique perspective it brings.

Senia Waldberg’s journey in the public eye has been a fascinating one. Many young Israelis remember him as one of the pioneers who brought the controversial ‘seduction artists’ courses to Israel, providing advice to men on matters of the heart and attraction. But life has taken Senia down diverse paths since then. He’s evolved into a husband, a father, and an entrepreneur. Alongside his wife Masha, he’s created a groundbreaking invention named ‘Annabella’ – a versatile milk suction device designed for mothers, aiming to be the ultimate solution in its domain. Senia is also the author of the best selling books in Hebrew “Why Do Women Like Men?” and “That’s How You Will Make Him Think Only About You”. As a campaigner, Senia worked with prominent politicians including Liberman, Bennet, Kahlon and Moshe Feiglin.

Today, we’re privileged to have Senia join us on the podcast. We’ll explore not only his intriguing career journey and the evolution of his perspectives but also his take on current affairs that has caused ripples across Israel’s Facebook sphere. Let’s dive in!