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Episode 326 – The Nazis Who Spied for Israel (Prof. Danny Orbach)

Today, we are diving into a fascinating topic that sheds light on a dark chapter of history. After World War II, some Nazis faced persecution in the Nuremberg trials, while others managed to escape justice by fleeing to different parts of the world. We all know that many Nazis found refuge in South America, but what about those who stayed in Europe or fled to Arab countries? This is where the Israeli Mossad, the renowned intelligence agency, enters the picture.

Our guest today is Prof. Danny Orbach, an accomplished Israeli military historian and associate professor at the Hebrew University. With a background in intelligence and military history, Prof. Orbach brings a wealth of expertise to our discussion. He holds a PhD in history from Harvard University, further enhancing his scholarly credentials.

In his latest book, “Fugitives: A History of Nazi Mercenaries During the Cold War” Prof. Orbach explores the stories of Nazi war criminals who found new roles and allegiances after the war. He uncovers the intriguing involvement of the Mossad with former Nazis, revealing previously undisclosed information about their recruitment and interactions. Prof. Orbach’s research, backed by classified internal documents, sheds light on the complex relationships between former Nazis and intelligence agencies worldwide.

Join us as we delve into the captivating world of post-World War II Nazi fugitives and the hidden connections between them and intelligence agencies around the globe. Let’s welcome Prof. Danny Orbach and explore the astonishing revelations in his latest book, “Fugitives.”

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