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Episode 325 – NGO Monitor: Shedding Light on Foreign-Funded NGOs in Israel (Prof. Gerald Steinberg)

In recent years, Israel has faced a critical problem as certain NGOs, funded by foreign countries, have been accused of supporting terror and advocating for the destruction of Israel. Last week, the government, led by Prime Minister Netanyahu, introduced legislation aimed at preventing these NGOs from receiving tax reductions. The intention behind this move was to deter foreign countries from supporting Palestinian NGOs with questionable affiliations. However, the proposed law ignited an uproar among EU states, further highlighting the complex and sensitive nature of the issue.

Amidst this landscape, NGO Monitor has emerged as a prominent initiative shedding light on the actions and influence of international NGOs in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Founded by Professor Gerald Steinberg, a distinguished political scientist, NGO Monitor aims to provide critical analysis and distribute reports on the work of these NGOs. By doing so, they seek to promote transparency and provide necessary context in an often complex and polarizing environment.

Today, we are honored to have Professor Gerald Steinberg as our guest. With a background in political science and extensive experience as a consultant to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli National Security Council, Professor Steinberg is a leading authority on the subject. As the founder and president of NGO Monitor, he brings a wealth of knowledge and insights into the motivations and impact of NGOs working against Israel. Join us as we delve into this important topic and gain a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding NGOs in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.