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Episode 323 – Americanism and Zionism: Two Ideologies that Changed the World (Rick Richman)

Freedom has been at the core of humanity’s struggles for centuries. From revolutions and wars to social movements and uprisings, the pursuit of freedom and democracy has been a constant battle. For the Jewish people, this fight has taken on a particular significance, as they have endured persecution, genocide, and exile in the pursuit of personal and national freedom.

In his upcoming book, And None Shall Make Them Afraid, author Rick Richman explores the stories of eight remarkable Jewish figures who embody the revolutionary movements of Americanism and Zionism. These two ideologies, with freedom and democracy at their core, were instrumental in the fight against the murderous ideologies of communism, fascism, and antisemitism in the twentieth century. Richman’s book showcases the lives and achievements of individuals like Theodor Herzl, Golda Meir, and Benjamin Netanyahu, whose legacies have shaped the course of history.

We are honored to have Rick join us on Two Nice Jewish Boys to discuss the enduring commonalities between Americanism and Zionism, and the importance of upholding freedom in the US. A Harvard-educated professor and accomplished writer, Rick has written for prestigious publications such as Commentary and The New York Sun, and his first book was a bestseller.
We’re honored to have him with us today!

Rick’s new book on Amazon