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Episode 315 – Israel’s Judicial Reforms: The Economic Impact (Idan Eretz)


Political turmoil has been rocking the nation of Israel in recent times, with the suggested judicial reforms put forth by the Netanyahu government at the center of the storm. The reforms have been met with fierce opposition from many quarters, and the country remains divided on the matter.

The situation has been complicated by the fact that hundreds of economists have written a letter warning that the reforms could have a negative impact on Israel’s economy. The government is comprised of ultra-Orthodox parties, whose demographics threaten to collapse the country’s economy in the coming decades. This, combined with the proposed reforms, has created a perfect storm of economic uncertainty in Israel.

Joining us today on the podcast is data journalist Idan Erez, an economist, writer, and political activist. Erez holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and history from Tel Aviv University, he’s currently working at Globes, one of Israel’s most important economic news outlets. Eretz is a (kind of?) libertarian who supports a free market, reducing regulations, and lowering taxes. He is also a member of the political lobby “Our Interest,” and one of the founders of the association “Freedom for All.” On today’s show, we’ll be discussing the current state of the Israeli economy, and the potential impact of the proposed reforms.

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