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Episode 314 – Jewish Patriots: The Role of Jews in America’s Wars (Chaim Rosenberg)

Jews are an important part of the history of the United States, and their contribution stretches across many different fields like cinema, politics and of course – the bagel.

But a little less known aspect of Jewish history in America, is the role Jews played in wars, and in particular – the civil war, and even the Independence war. When the Civil War broke there were about 150,000 Jews in America. 125,000 of them lived in the Union States and supported Lincoln. As for the rest of them, 25,000 Jews – they were part of the Confederacy, and some of them even fought for the Rebels.

To shed some light on this fascinating aspect of American Jewish history, we have on the show today the author Chaim Rosenberg, who wrote a new book called Shield of David: A History of Jewish Serviceman in America’s Armed Forces.

Chaim Rosenberg has written fifteen books focused largely on the role of the individual in shaping American greatness. Rosenberg’s books focus on the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, child labor in America, and the Loyalists in the American Revolutionary War. His book Yankee Colonies Across America won the 2016 non-fiction prize of the New England Society in the City of New York.
We’re super thrilled to have Chaim with us today to talk about his new book!

Get the book here:

Photo: Tamara Green and Roberta Marcus Leiner