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Episode 309 – Geopolitics of 2022 with Dr. Dan Schueftan

The world was a different place when we last met with the beloved Dr. Dan Schueftan on March 2022. Putin had just invaded Ukraine, in a move that Dan called ‘a self defeat of Russia’. The US and Iran were on the verge of cutting a new deal that would have allowed Iran access to enormous funds and normalized this barbaric regime among the nations. And the PM of Israel was Naftali Bennet. Indeed, many things can change in 10 months.

Putin is still sunk in the muddy grounds of east Ukraine, and there is no end in sight for this war. Europe is struggling with devastating inflation and an energy crisis that threatens the very fabric of the union. And Iran became a strong ally of Putin, with its UAVs killing innocent Ukrainians – thus leading for the west to back off a deal, for the foreseeable future. Iran is also currently dealing with what looks like the biggest civil uprising in its history.

To talk about all those fascinating geopolitical developments – and much much more – we’re thrilled to be joined yet again by the one and only Dr. Schueftan.
Dan is the head of the National Securities Studies Center at the University of Haifa. He has taught at the IDF National Security College and Command and Staff College. He was an advisor to Israel’s National Security Council and former Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Ariel Sharon. He’s also the author of several books and articles on issues pertaining to Israel’s National Security. He joins us today for the third time to talk about the Iranian Threat.

(Main photo: Hagai Fried)