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Episode 308 – Is Israeli Democracy In Jeopardy? (Roy Iddan)

November 1st, 10pm. Israel’s election exit polls start rolling in. The right wing with Bibi at its helm have achieved the unthinkable, a triumphant comeback. Some left wing parties are even struggling to pass the threshold, leaving them on the precipice of oblivion. One, Meretz, doesn’t make it. The right have done it again, and celebrations are in order.
In the words of the great Jewish poet, Pink!, “I’m coming up so you better get this party started. Get this party started.”

BUT…record scratch sound effect… that was all some 45 days ago. A month and a half later, and still no government. Bibi is expected to announce his new coalition this Tuesday, but time shall tell. For the expected Premier, the struggle was real. 45 days of agony. Maybe they’ll instate a new Jewish holiday to commemorate this time. It seemed that with each passing day another exciting expected right wing reform evaporated into thin air. Judicial reforms, economic reforms, police reforms. Poof, poof, poof. Now, all that remains are two questions. Will a government be formed at all? And if so, will it even be right wing?

To help us answer these questions, we’re joined by a beloved friend of the podcast, a contender for the title of Nicest of Jewish Boy, Roy Iddan.

Roy Iddan is a scriptwriter and political analyst. He’s consulted for some of the major political parties in Israel including the Likud and Blue and White. He’s also the creator of the hugely successful Israeli police drama, Manayek, which was recently sold to none other than HBO! We’re thrilled to be joined by Roy to talk politics, police and TV.
(Photo by Idit Wagner)