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Episode 30 – Europe’s Refugee Crisis: an Inside Look with Maya Rimer

The Refugee crisis in Europe, though seemingly distant and even sometimes obscure, is now actually more severe and relevant than ever. Every month thousands of immigrants are rescued from the Mediterranean, as many more enter from the east by any means possible.

In Turkey millions of refugees, held back by Erdogan, await the opportunity to cross the border. As Europe is divided by the question of how to handle this influx of millions of immigrants, the situation in the refugee camps continues to worsen. But amidst this crisis there are rays of light and one of those rays are the many volunteers from all over the world who come to assist these migrants in need.

Maya Rimer recently returned from a period of 4 months working in refugee camps in Greece. Just before going back there, she came to tell 2NJB about her experience.

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Photo credit: Espen Rasmussen