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Episode 295 – The Rabbi Who Escaped From Ukraine (Rabbi Mendel Moskovitz)

On February 24th, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine and set the entire world on course for turmoil.

Even today, every single day, about 200 Ukrainians die every day, in a war that no one seems to know how or when it will end.

With casualties in the tens of thousands, more than 10 million Ukrainian refugees fled their homes. Those who have stayed continue to suffer from a daily dose of deadly rocket fire, hitting without any warning and causing severe casualties.

Among the masses that fled, was Rabbi Mendel Moskovitz. Rabbi Moskovitz is a Chabad rabbi with a long Ukrainian history. Born in Brooklyn, his parents took him to Ukraine as a baby on their mission to help Jews in the new nation emerging from the falling Soviet Union. Fast forward 32 years – Rabbi Moskovitz found himself at the crossroads of history. Rabbi Mendel Moskovitz joins us today to share his experiences in Kharkov, 5 months ago, at the beginning of the Russian invasion.
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