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Episode 289 – WTF is NFT!? And Other Related Blockchain Qs (Meytar Zehavi)

Bitcoin. Blockchain. Crypto. NFT. For most of us, these are all just synonyms for “get rich quick!”

But apparently, there’s actually something more to them. Or is there? That’s a heated debate in today’s financial and economical spheres. Are these actual, solid financial assets or hyped-up memes that are drawing huge amounts of money into an ever expanding bubble?

In order to understand that, we need to understand what these things are in the first place. What is crypto currency? What is Blockchain tech? And most recently, what the hell is NFT?

Today, we’re joined by the lovely Meitar Zehavi. Meitar is a veteran of the 8200 unit, one of the IDF’s prestigious intelligence units. She’s a filmmaker, a content creator and a self described “explainer”. And today she’s here to explain to us the mind-boggling concepts of Blockchain, Crypto and NFTs.