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Episode 284 – Proving The New York Times’ Anti-Israel Bias (Lilac Sigan)

The New York Times has never been a great friend of the Jewish People. 80 years ago, for example, during the Holocaust, what was arguably the most important American outlet didn’t do much to expose its readers to the atrocities that led to the Holocaust, nor the atrocity of the Holocauset itself. What’s even more amazing, is that the publisher of the NYT during that period was a Jew – Arthur Hays Sulzberger.

In modern times, it seems like the Times constantly takes the pro-Palestinian angle, even when it means spreading actual fake news. Only a year ago, in a list of the child victims of the war in Gaza, the NYT included a photo of a kid who died 7 years prior in Ramallah.

That is why our guest today, renowned Maariv columnist and author Lilac Sigan, has decided to take it upon herself to carefully trace the NYT’s coverage of Israel on a day-to-day basis, and to conclude once and for all how biased they actually are. We’re super happy and excited to have Lilac here with us today to talk about the NYT, Israel and fake news.
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(Photo by Yoram Esheim)