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Episode 281 – Former Bank of America Strategist Breaks Down Russia-Ukraine Conflict (David Woo)

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In February 2022, U.S. inflation rose to a 40-year peak – a staggering 7.9 percent. Which means that every month, your dollar can buy less and less and less.

This, combined with the rising prices of both energy and other commercial goods – may lead to an economic disaster, possibly more severe than anyone can imagine.

The markets haven’t been doing so well either, and in the past several months – it seems – most of the pandemic time’s earnings and high company valuations were literally scrapped.

So why is this happening? Who’s to blame? And can something still be done – or is it already too late?

To answer these mind boggling questions, and much more – we have with us today no other than David Woo.

David Woo is a former Bank of America strategist, now CEO of David Woo Unbound, a global forum devoted to the promotion of fact-based debates about markets, politics and economics. In 2013, David was voted as one of the twelve smartest people on Wall Street by Business Insider magazine! We’re super thrilled to have him on the show today to talk about the economic problems we’re all facing today and how we might better prepare for what’s to come.

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