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Episode 277 – Climate Change: Are We Doomed or Duped? (Prof. Yonatan Dubi)

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Today, there’s hardly a subject that isn’t considered controversial. But long long ago, in a galaxy far far away, the most controversial topic was a little thing known as Climate Change. Actually, they called it Global Warming then. 

Point is, the question of how we as humans are affecting the climate of our planet and what we should do about it, and when, is a hot topic. So hot that representatives of 197 parties attended the UN’s COP26 last year and drafted the Glasgow Climate Pact. It’s a topic so scorching hot that many politicians suggest aiming for net zero emissions in record times. So hot a topic, that we just had to have a climate expert on our show to discuss all this. 

Professor Yonatan Dubi is a professor in the department of Chemistry at the Ben Gurion University in the Negev. His fields of research are Energy transport in nanoscale junctions, Energy transport in photosynthetic complexes, and Heat flow in complex low-dimensional systems. If any of that means anything to you, you’re probably listening to the wrong podcast. Professor Dubi will hopefully break down climate change in terms Two Nice Jewish Boys can understand. We are thrilled and honored to be joined on the show today by Professor Yonatan Dubi.