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Episode 274 – The Incredible Life of Morris Kahn: From Cow Farming to SpaceIL

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There are few people on this planet as industrious and creative as our guest today. After making Aliyah from South Africa in 1956 with his wife, he had several less than successful business ventures including a bicycle factory and a cow farm. But these did not deter Morris Kahn. Morris Kahn went on to found Golden Pages Israel, Amdocs and of course SpaceIL, which launched Beresheet to the moon in 2019.

Kahn has dedicated decades of his life and vast amounts of his wealth to philanthropy and child healthcare. He helps bring elite Israeli doctors around the world to save children’s lives through the Save A Child’s Heart organization. He supports medical research including some amazing breakthrough cancer research at Tel Aviv University. And he does so much more. If we tried to cover even 5 percent of his generosity, we’d be here until tomorrow. And then we’d miss the pleasure of talking to the man himself.

We are thrilled and honored to be joined today on the podcast by Morris Kahn.