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Episode 270 – Sex, Gender, Perversions and Dating in the 21st Century (Prof. Danielle Knafo)

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Marriage and relationships have never been easy. Since the day Abraham told his beloved wife Sarah he wants to have an open relationship – millions of couples have had to navigate the stormy waters of intimacy.

And although throughout history, maintaining a relationship was never easy – doing so in the 21st century brings along its own unique set of challenges. In the age of the internet, with its metaverse, Hitech, TikTok and twitch – we’re constantly facing temptations, jealousy and FOMO. Maybe our parents were better off after all?

To talk about all this – and much, much more, we’re joined today by a very honorable guest, Prof. Danielle Knafo. Prof. Knafo is a psychologist, psychoanalyst and author. She is considered one of the top sexuality theoreticians in the world. Danielel Knafo is a professor in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at LIU-Post and on the faculty at NYU Postdoctoral Program. She has published and lectured extensively on the subjects of creativity, psychoanalysis, gender, sexuality, and technology. She maintains a private practice in Manhattan and Great Neck, NY.
I am super happy to have Prof. Knafo on our show today!

Prof. Knafo’s website and her books