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Episode 263 – Snapping Nudes to Save The Dead Sea (Ari Leon Fruchter)

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A month ago 300 Israelis striped naked and posed in the middle of the desert. This demonstration was part of an art installation photographed by world renowned photographer Spencer Tunick. And this wasn’t the first time. Back in 2011, there were 1,200 subjects, all naked, photographed by Tunick. But all this wasn’t done to simply photograph a bunch of nudists in the desert. There was a bigger motivation.

Ari Leon Fruchter, the man who staged this whole thing, hopes these images will raise awareness and ignite a wave of activism that may help slow or even stop the disappearance of the Dead Sea.

We are thrilled today to be joined by Ari Leon Fruchter to talk nudism, environmentalism and activism. So many isms.