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Episode 260 – The Right Wing Extremist Settler Who Became a Left Wing Pro-Palestinian (Dov Morell)

At the age of 12, he ran away from home – a settlement in the West Bank. It was then he was drawn to a life of right-wing nationalist extremism. He joined the hilltop youth, an informal group of settlers responsible for incessant attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank. Soon enough, he found himself indicted for incitement. His crime – dancing with a picture of the murdered Dawabsha baby as another hilltop youth stabbed the photo.

But this is all in his past. Today, Dov is an activist for Palestinian equality, for Feminism and for freedom of religion. Is this just another form of extremism or is Dov a changed man?

Today, we’re joined by Dov Morell to talk about his life as a hilltop youth, his journey and his drastic change of perspective.