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Episode 241 – Highs and Lows of a Startup King (Shaul Olmert)

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CEO of a company that was valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, executive at Nickelodeon and MTV and novelist. These are just a few of the entries on today’s guest’s resume.

Shaul Olmert was CEO of Playbuzz, a company that for quite a while dominated online content. If you were on Facebook in 5 years ago, there’s 0 chance you didn’t come across a Playbuzz article. Today he is CEO and Co-founder of a stealth-mode startup called Piggy. And, recently, he’s written a novel. One that’s caused him to ask himself: Is Shaul Olmert an entrepreneur and businessman who just wrote a book? Or is he a novelist who’s been masquerading as an entrepreneur and businessman?

Well, today we get to find out. We are super excited to be joined by Shaul Olmert to talk about his business endeavors, his new novel and what his favorite Playbuzz article was.