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Episode 235 – The Doctor Who Was Outcast For His Opinion About Covid (Prof. Eitan Friedman)

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On the 1st of March, Prof. Eitan Friedman, the director and founder of the Oncogenetics Unit at the Sheba Medical Center, will end his tenure there.

On several occasions over the several months, Professor Eitan Friedman has publicly denounced the government’s policy of lockdowns as an ineffective measure in dealing with the pandemic. Some suspect this might be one of the reasons he will no longer serve as a director at Sheba Medical Center.

Professor Friedman has been a professor at Tel Aviv University since 1999. His research is focused on the inherited predisposition to cancer and population genetics. He is also the first Israeli to swim solo across the English Channel. We are thrilled to have Professor Eitan Friedman with us today to discuss Israel’s Corona policies, the current situation of the pandemic and the price he’s paid for speaking his mind.