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Episode 234 – ELECTIONS SPECIAL: Breaking Down ALL The Political Parties In Israel (Yoav Rabinovitz)

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In a bit less than 3 weeks, on March 23rd, Eytan Weinstein will turn 32. Oh yeah, and Israel will hold its 4th election round in the past 2 years. If you don’t live here and follow the news obsessively, you might find yourself baffled as to the amount of parties, agendas, boycotts and potential Prime Ministers in our tiny political pool. Don’t you worry though, because today – we got you covered. Who’s ‘we’, you ask? Well, to try and make sense of the chaotic Israeli political map, we are joined today by Yoav Rabinowitz!

By day, he’s the chief-editor of the super influential tv show “The Other Side with Guy Zohar”, which deconstructs news items and political speeches, and confronts them with the cold hard facts. By night, Yoav takes off his suit and becomes a stand-up comedian and the wittiest tweeter in the Middle East.

Tonight, we have one goal for the show. We’re going to walk you through all the main parties on the ballot (and some not so main ones) and try to find one that doesn’t make us want to vomit. Buckle up!