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Episode 230 – The Man Who Took Down An Islamic Terrorist (Kfir Itzhaki)

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Naturally, there are feelings that we don’t enjoy. Feelings we feel we’d be better off without. Hate, sadness, fear. Fear, what a useless emotion. Right? Almost a century ago, at his inaugural address, FDR said those now famous words, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” But hasn’t fear been ensuring our survival since the dawn of our species? Would we really be nature’s apex predator if we didn’t have that cautious, neurotic, loss-averse coward we all do deep down inside?

Kfir Itzhaki has been fascinated with fear all his life. He faced fear time and time again, as a professional martial art fighter, as a fauda-style ‘mista’arev’ in Duvdevan unit in the IDF, and as a citizen who stormed an Islamic terrorist during the second intifada.
Today, Kfir lectures on fear and the art of dealing with it, and his new book “Unconventional Weapon”, is all about utilizing fear to our advantage.
2NJB is happy to have Kfir Itzhaki on the show.