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Episode 209 – Europe’s Last Dictator (Guest: Shalom Boguslavsky)

He’s been nicknamed “Europe’s Last Dictator” by much of the media. He’s been in power for over 24 years. He’s suppressed and even arrested much of his political opposition and he just prevailed through his 5th consecutive electoral win but many, if not most, question its legitimacy.

Can you guess which head of state we’re talking about?

Alexander Lukashenko has been the president of Belarus since 1994 and today the country seems like it might be on the brink of a revolution.

Shalom Boguslavsky organizes study tours in Eastern-Europe. He writes and lectures about both Eastern Europe and Israel with a focus on geopolitics and Jewish history. We’re happy to be joined by Shalom today to talk about the situation in Belarus.

Shalom’s Twitter (Hebrew)  and website
(Photo by Okras)

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