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Episode 204 – The Mastermind Behind Netanyahu’s New Media (Topaz Luk)

A legendary Jewish poet once wrote: “It’s lonely at the top”. And indeed, the higher you climb in politics, the lonelier it gets. And when you’re the Prime Minister of Israel – which some might argue is the most difficult job in the world – and you need to decide whether or not to attack Iran, you can listen to smart people, sure, but no one will be there when you make the final decision. No one but you.

And still, even prime ministers can’t do everything by themselves. They must surround themselves with dedicated, smart and excellent people who will help them, say what they think from time to time, and most of all will be there when they are needed.

Topaz Luk was only 22 years old when he got a phone call from the Prime Minister of Israel. He was freshly out of Dover Tzahal, the luxurious “IDF Spokesman” unit, where he specialized in social media and helped the IDF revolutionize its online presence. Not long after, he found himself working with Benjamin Netanyahu, one of the most influential, historic – but also controversial – leaders in the history of our young country.
More than five years and a gazillion political campaigns later – Topaz is still the Prime Minister’s new media consultant, and one of his most devoted and closest advisors. We’re thrilled to have Topaz on the show today to talk about these turbulent times in Israel, his work with the Prime Minister, his world views and much more.