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Episode 198 – The Woman Who’s Turning TLV’s Homeless Into Celebrities (Mor Shaal)

If you live in Tel Aviv, you simply can’t miss them. They are part of your life. When you hang out with your friends at the local bar – they’re there. When you go out for jogging – they are there. When you come home from your parents on Friday night and waiting at a red light in the entrance to Tel Aviv – they’re there. They are Tel Aviv’s saddest souls, the homeless. Yes, Tel Aviv is not Seattle nor is it San Francisco. But the city struggles with its own homeless people, asking the passersby to spare a shekel. Most of us walk right by them, don’t look, don’t care. But today we’re joined by someone who just can’t ignore them.

Mor Shaal is an artist who was living in Haifa up until a year ago. When she moved to Tel Aviv, she was amazed by the amount of homeless people in the streets, and became fascinated by them. She started talking with some, and then began documenting these encounters for a project which went viral on social media.

Mor Shaal joins us today to speak about her amazing work with the Street Dwellers Project.

Mor’s Facebook, Instagram and her kickstarter