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Episode 195 – Moshe Feiglin: The Orthodox, Libertarian, Pro-Weed Israeli Politician (Moshe Feiglin)

Once upon a time, in an election far far away, in April of 2019, amidst the political cacophony of right and left, one party stepped into the lime light as a possible king maker. 

You see here in Israel, as a small party, you can tip the scales of a coalition – and thus hold a lot of power. 

Zehut, or Identity, led by Moshe Feiglin was predicted to receive as much as 7 mandates. 

For many, Zehut is an enigma. On one hand the founder of the party Moshe Feiglin leads a libertarian approach to government and economics. He believes in lowering taxes, abolishing social security and a separation of church and state. And as an added bonus, he wants to legalize pot. On the other hand, he’s a devout religious Jew who believes the Temple Mount should be under Israeli control and that the third temple is soon to be built – g-d willing. 

Some people adore him, others despise him, but one thing is certain. Moshe Feiglin is one of the most intriguing Israelis to hit the political stage in recent times. 

We are very thrilled and honored to be joined today on the podcast by Moshe Feiglin.

(Photo by Ckaelmi)

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