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Episode 194 – Giving in Times of Corona (Achi Kushnir)

For many, during these times, it’s all too easy to slip into hibernation after a steady diet of Netflix, while suffering existential angst, anxiety and apathy. Anything beyond that can seem, well, just too hard.

But, let’s face it. Nothingness – doing nothing – simply breeds more nothingness. So, it’s no surprise that the nation that made the desert bloom, has created a whole lot of some things out of this current Covid climate (CCC).

Australian-born Israeli Achi Kushnir could be considered your typical intelligent, driven Israeli. Yet, like most Israelis, there’s nothing typical about Achi.

Achi’s volunteering has led him to discover the amazing grassroots initiatives everyday Israelis have developed in helping those affected by the Coronavirus.

We are thrilled to be joined today by Achi Kushnir to talk about his group Here For Good, volunteering and staying positive in trying times.

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