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Episode 191 – Funny Times (Kandi Ableson)

We could all use a good laugh. Especially now while many of us are secluded in our homes, far away from our loved ones, with nothing better to do but watch Too Hot To Handle on Netflix. True story. Don’t watch it unless you want to feel a strong, deep, unshakable sense of shame.

If only there was an Israeli English speaking comedian who would agree to risk her life and come to our studio, to boost the national morale and give hope to our listeners around the world. How amazing would that be?

Well, unfortunately we couldn’t find anyone like that, so that’s that for today’s episode guys, stay safe! Bye!

Just kidding.

We have the perfect comedian for the job right here with us. Her name is Kandi Ableson, she’s American, she made aliyah, she’s a superstar in the local comedy clubs doing stand up IN HEBREW, at least she was when going out and comedy clubs still existed.

We’re delighted to have Kandi on the show with us today, and a quick disclaimer – this episode might include profanities!