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Episode 124 – IDF Humanitarian Attache Fighting BDS

A few weeks ago we received this email:

“Would you be interested to hear about how to survive aliyah, make it through the IDF as a Lt. Col., have the door slammed in your face, have people stand on your shoulders when you remove money from the cash machine, and peak over your shoulder at the pharmacists to see what types of medication you use, and much more… then we should talk. I do have a crazy life story and look forward to sharing it with you and your podcast audience.”

We took the bait.

Daniel Beaudoin (PhD, Lt. Col. Ret) is a speaker, educator and writer from Israel. He offers incisive and behind the scenes analysis on the assault on Israel by the UN and the international aid organizations who operate in the West Bank and the Gaza strip. He teaches on human rights, humanitarian operations and conflict resolution at Tel Aviv University. He is also a successful survivor of Aliyah and lives to tell the story.

Daniel’s website.

(Main photo by IDF spokesman)

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