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Episode 118 – Middle East Break Down Vol. II

This morning the sun rose. Birds were chirping and the middle east was still turbulent.

Yes, even when Israel is not making headlines on CNN, things still tend to get pretty messy down here. We may not always feel it in our rose-colored-bubble of TLV, but the wheels of evil forces keep spinning, enemies are conspiring against us and we’re always prepared for the next war, which might be the last.

It is in times like this that it’s good to have someone around who can actually understands the middle east, someone who’s devoted his life to explain Israel’s complexities. Someone who can provide us a little bit of context. Someone like Neil Lazarus.

Neil Lazarus is one of the most popular Israeli public speakers out there. He’s traveling the world, talking about Israel, BDS and middle eastern politics. His Youtube videos are all over the internet and his seminars are packed. We’re so glad to have him here on the show with us today, to talk about Israel’s current situation in the middle east.

Neil Lazarus’ website, his Facebook and Twitter

(Photo by IDF)

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