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Episode 112 – From Soccer Fields to Concert Halls

Elisha Abas was a talented kid. The great-Grandson of the legendary Russian pianist Alexander Skriavin, Elisha’s talent was noticeable as early as age 4, when he started learning Piano at the Jerusalem conservatory. By the time he was 11, he had already performed with Leonard Bernstein in Carnegie Hall, as Isaac Stern sat in the audience watching.

But alongside his passion for music, young Elisha was also drawn – like so many other Israeli kids – to the game of soccer. And soon enough the boy realized that his aspirations of being an international piano star come at a great price. He decided to let go of the piano, and become a professional soccer player.

His soccer career flourished, and it seems life was going in the right direction. But then, when Elisha was 30, something unexpected happened, leading him back to the embrace of the piano.

2NJB is honored to be joined by Elisha Abas, to talk about his extraordinary life and career.

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