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Episode 327 – Living on the Edge: The Story of the Gaza Border Communities (Amir Tibon)

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It’s easy to forget, but we recently had yet another mini-war with Gaza. In Tel Aviv, we experienced moments of running to bomb shelters, but that’s nothing compared to the anxiety and turmoil experienced by those living in villages near the Gaza border. They faced daily bombardment, with mere seconds to find safety — a testament to their incredible perseverance.

Now look, we all know, opinions about Gaza are like podcasts – everyone’s got one, and no one really cares about yours. But truly understanding the reality on the ground requires hearing from those who live there. Joining us today is Amir Tibon, one of Israel’s accomplished young journalists and a resident of Kibbutz Nahal Oz, the closest community to Gaza. With his invaluable insights, Amir sheds light on the challenges faced by the people in this turbulent region.

Amir Tibon is Haaretz Newspaper’s diplomatic correspondent. He was previously U.S. news editor for Haaretz and before that, the paper’s Washington D.C. correspondent from 2017-2020. His writing on Israel has been published in The Atlantic, Foreign Affairs, The New Yorker, Tablet and other leading US publications. Amir lives in Kibbutz Nahal Oz, with his wife and two daughters.

Get ready for a captivating conversation as we explore the aftermath of the recent conflict in Gaza, Israel-USA relations and the upcoming elections in the States and its effect on Israel.
We’re thrilled to have Amir Tibon as our guest on the podcast today.

Amir’s articles @ Haaretz: