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Episode 278 – The Woman Who Almost Died Climbing Antarctica’s Highest Peak (Daniel Wolfson)

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Last year we interviewed mountain climber Daniel Wolfson twice – once, before her long-awaited journey to be the first Israeli woman to climb mount Everest, and then again, right after she climbed its peak. Her breathtaking stories inspired us, as they inspire thousands of Israeli men and women, who come to Daniel’s lectures to hear her swashbuckling tales.

Well, now she’s done it again. This time, Daniel climbed the peak of Vinson mountain, the highest mountain in Antarctica. Yes, you heard us right. Antarctica. She made it back in one piece (barely), and now she’s here to tell us all about it.

Daniel Wolfson is a lawyer by trade but in her free time she runs marathons, does triathlons and conquers some of the highest summits in the world. We’re super happy to have her on the show today.