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Episode 258 – When Hollywood Tried To Whitewash Hitler’s Top Nazi (Guest: Vanessa Lapa)

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In 2014, Vanessa Lapa had just released her new documentary film, ‘The Decent One’, about the lost diaries of SS commander Heinrich Himmler. Diaries which miraculously landed in her hands. The film was a huge international success. And after years and years of thorough research, archive deep dives and a life that revolved around Himler – Lapa thought it was probably time to move on and put the Nazis where they belong – on the shelves of history.

But fate had other plans for her.

During one of the screenings of ‘The Decent One’ in New York, an old Jew approached Lapa with an extraordinary offer which eventually led to her next documentary “Speer Goes to Hollywood.” Just when she thought she was out – they pulled her back in. Albert Speer was one of the closest men to Hitler, his Minister of Arms and the mastermind architect behind Nazi grand-architecture.

Now, ‘Speer Goes To Hollywood’ is premiering worldwide, and we have the great privilege of hosting Vanessa Lapa on the podcast tonight.
NYC screening: October 29th
L.A screening: November 5th
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