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Episode 173 – The Jewish Man Who Changed An Antisemite’s Mind On Twitter

Twitter. A place where you usually go when you’re in a desperate need for a good, pointless argument. Some people are drawn to this arena, like an insect to the light. And you gotta wonder – what’s the point in those endless discussions about Trump, or Bibi or Greta. No one has ever been convinced by some super witty or well articulated Tweet or Facebook comment. Right?

Well, usually. Something different happened when blogger David Abitbol (aka Jewlicious) started a thread on Twitter with Megan Phelps-Roper, a daughter to a notorious family, that’s part of the Westboro Baptist Church, in Topeka, Kansas.
About a week ago David sent us an email with the subject “I think we have what to talk about!‏”, followed by: I was recently on Good Morning America, a Steven Spielberg documentary and all kinds of fun stuff for something I did out of my shitty apartment in Machane Yehuda.”
And that, dear listeners, is what we call an offer we cannot refuse. We’re super excited to have David “Jewlicious” Abitbol here with us on the podcast today.

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